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Watermelon Gazpacho BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


I know Summer is officially over but it’s NOT QUITE OVER until you have that last watermelon. Well. My last watermelon came and went with this tremendous Watermelon Gazpacho that was inspired by a hot weekend at Lockn’ Festival.

Takes 10-15 minutes to make depending on how soupy you want it. I did about half and half because I like it thicker, but as you can see, the chunks were submerged in a fully blended liquid.


Chop about 3 cups of watermelon and put a little more than half of it in a blender. Chop a cucumber, red pepper, and red onion, and put a little more than half of those in as well. If you want any heat, add a chopped jalepeno here, I used half of one. Add about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and puree.

Finely chop the remaining ingredients (or leave them big if you want) and put them in a large bowl with salt and pepper to taste. Once the blended ingredients are smooth, pour them in the bowl, and mix to the two to fully combine. Taste here for s&p needs, and cover, letting the flavors meld in the fridge for an hour (if you can wait). Stir before serving, and enjoy!

What to do with all the photos I take of my food.. and Cashew Cheez


I’ve been trying to get into vegan and healthy lifestyle blogging, as I try to get better at a vegan and healthy lifestyle, and along the way, I’ve taken pictures of the particularly successful dishes I’ve made to remind myself that it’s easy and fun. I post photos of my food on Facebook, like everyone else, so I figured I should take them elsewhere, and maybe include recipes… so here goes!

Baked Cashew Cheez (Dairy, soy, and gluten free)

This takes some time to prep, but the herbed chewy crust and creamy spreadable center make this small project a worthwhile effort and can last refrigerated for up to a week- if you can last that long. (Please note that even though there is a hair-tie in this photo, the recipe does not call for hair.)


Soak 2 cups of raw cashews fully submerged in salted water overnight or for at least 8 hours. Drain and reserve at least half a cup of the water for later.

Blend the soaked cashews, adding the soaking water slowly to get a smooth consistency. Taste it at this stage in case you need more salt which will bake out, or want to add a flavor to the entire cheez. If so, add the spice or your select flavor (i.e.- basil, red pepper) as you are blending to get it all the way through. (You can use the blended cashews at this stage for a vegan mac n cheez, add spices and put on nachos, use for v. pizza, and more.)

Pour the blended cashews into a cheesecloth, wrap it in a bundle, tie the top with a rubber band, and suspend the cheez bundle over a bowl or bucket to drain at room temperature for 2-4 hours. (Leave a little room between the top of the cashew cream and the rubber band and stick a dull knife through to balance on the rim of any deep dish.) Then put it in the fridge to chill for another 4 hours at least. 

The cheez will be in a firm ball at this point but should be unwrapped delicately and placed in an oven-safe dish to be herbed. Cover the top with your choice of herbs or more salt, depending on your flavorings and preferences. Bake at 200 degrees for 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how crusty you want the… crust. If you want to bake it for less time, you can turn the oven up a bit but not more than 250 or the process will backfire. (The photo above was baked at 200 for about 2 hours and 30 mins.. I was going for a Brie-like texture and I think I got pretty close. Chewy but flavorful and slightly different from the warm velvety inside cheez.)

Hooked: Gamehendge


In the spirit of rehashing NYE moments, I wanted to share an article I wrote a run-ly column in that run’s Surrender to the Flow. Now that it’s published, I can print this here, though I still highly encourage you to purchase a copy and/or subscription, and always look for them on lot.

Hooked: Gamehendge

I first got into Phish when they played a tiny little set on top of the Ed Sullivan theater building in 2004, during which they did a 2-minute version of “Wilson” that was stuck in my head for days. I was only marginally interested in the band after that, though during those years off I occasionally returned to songs like “The Lizards” or “AC/DC Bag,” but I never put them together, and I had certainly not heard of Colonol Forbin or the Famous Mockingbird.

When the band returned in 2009, I was engulfed in the excitement and began to learn the intricacies of the band that phans find so meaningful. The musical story of The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, otherwise known as Gamehendge, is very important to phans, and now, to me as well.

I discovered Trey’s senior project- turned epic tale of deceit and power- at the pique of my short-story writing interest, and it was the tales’ intrigue and action that had me hooked right away.  On the original recording, Ernie gives some background, describing the beautiful area that is the land of Gamehendge and the center city of Prussia. Often during live performances, he refers to the surrounding area, “just over that hill over there,” as the location for the story- another very appealing aspect to the rare live versions of these songs. He introduces the protagonist, the evil threat, the almighty deity, and the ultimate solution. Then, with a deep and intriguing description, possibly taken from the original Tom Marshall poem “McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters,” we flash to a different time, in a different town. It’s the perfect set up for an exciting story.

The first musical foray, “The Lizards,” told from the perspective of Colonel Forbin, who has just passed through the door to Gamehendge, is not only a brilliant story opener, but satisfies so many Phish cravings that we have. It’s mysterious, catchy, and ventures into unknown worlds not only lyrically, but musically as well. The song also introduces other characters, and the first problem they encounter. The revolutionary knight Rutherford has sunken to the bottom of the river, but luckily, the unit-monster is there to rescue him and moments later, we learn of another mystical beast, the multi-beast, who’s rider becomes Forbin’s true love, and who’s namesake song becomes mine.

The stunning ballad that is “Tela” has become my favorite song in Gamehendge because of its lyrical wonderment and delicate musicality. Again, we find our favorite aspects of songs in this track; mystery, anticipation, and the unique, gentle side of Phish all combine to make this rare tune a phan favorite. It’s gorgeous in a way that their other ballads and love songs can’t compare to. It could be the description of beauty we hear about Tela, which is unusual for Phish songs; it could be the suspenseful build-up and release, the leftover desire for more, or the lead in to the rebellious next song.

In “Wilson,” we hear the rally of the rebellion forces and as phans, we feel united in the repetitive chant of these live versions. This song stands so strongly on its own, and applies wonderfully outside of the Gamehendge context that it’s easily a phan favorite and the band recognizes this by playing it more often than the others. “AC/DC Bag” has the same effect, but they’re both still crucial parts of the story and advance the plot to keep listeners engaged.

“Colonol Forbins Ascent” has the tale’s protagonist fighting to help the rebellion and returns to the form of narration through the music. Each note and chord gives a description of the action; it draws the picture without words and prepares the listener for the musical peak of the sage. “Fly Famous Mockingbird” is delicate, fascinating, and expressive, and in a live setting, it has the power to transport you to another place.  It’s limited lyrically, but story-wise, it brings us to the last great conflict in TMWSINY.

Enter “The Sloth” who is hired by the rebel traitor Errand Wolfe to kill evil King Wilson. This high-energy, dark song becomes a strong ending to a powerful moral story that Phish is able to tell through the collection as a whole, or via individual songs.

Other Phish tunes are associated with Gamehendge, most notably a Tom Marshall poem called “McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters,” “Possum,” “Punch You in the Eye,” and “Llama,” all highly respected and beloved selections. Rare, too, and I hope they stay that way- it’s an unbeatable part of their appeal. Fantastic musical adventure aside, if we heard it all the time, it wouldn’t be nearly as thrilling each time we did. Here’s to a Gamehendge in the mystical land that is NYEMSG2011!

Jason Hann Interview IN FULL!


SOOO As Promised- the whole interview! Edited for your listening player and set to a live EOTO show from July 10, 2010 in Louisville, KY. Please excuse me clickclickclicking away in the background, I compulsively type responses to questions as they happen, though I hear now that I should just wait to transcribe until after the interview. Live and learn, folks! I’m trying. SO HERE IT IS!

The Weekend Trip, 9/30/2011


Episode number 3 of the weekly playlist!! Feedback encouraged!!

What’s playing in the background?! Band and song guesses in the comments section, winner by next weeks broadcast!!

“Northbound Trains” -Dan Galvano, 420 Jamstravaganza
“Shifty Shaft” –Cabinet, This Is Cabinet – Set 1      
“Twisty Twisty” -Zach Deputy, Sunshine
“Ok” -Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, LIVE UP!! Volume II
“Silly Fathers” –Rubblebucket, Omega La La
“Tonight” –Soulive, Up Here
“Burn My Money” -Jimkata, Burn My Money
“Castaway”  -Wolfman Conspiracy
“Looking Back On Earth” -STS9 , Ad Explorata
“Illumin8”  -The Malah
“Take Your Time”  -Fundimensionals,  Fundimensionals

Dan Galvano and The Bansai Bills


This Is Cabinet Set 1


Alex Sciortino of Fundimensionals


The Weekend Trip, 9/23/11


Hey everyone, thanks for checking back in with the second episode of The Weekend Trip! This weekend, we start off with some bluegrass, mellower tunes, then kick it into gear with a funk sandwich fron Zach Deputy and New York Funk Exchange, and prep you for your night with electronica jams from a couple brand new bands! Let me know what you think, I’m still breakin’ in my DJ skillz and could use some constructive criticism! I would also love to take requests, I’ll honor any that I can, and if you have a band you’d like me to check out- hit me up! Email me at

No longer available to stream =( Download it for free =) right here.

Here’s ya playlist, kid!

Eggs- Ryan Montbleau Band, Live at Bear Creek 2009
Complicated- Yonder Mountain String BandThe Show
Whiskey In Heaven- Poor Man’s Whiskey, Dark Side of the Moonshine, Disc 2
Incandescent Devil- Tea Leaf Green, Rock ‘n’ Roll Band Soundtrack
Sunshine- Zach Deputy, Sunshine
Shimmy- New York Funk Exchange, Funkonomic Stimulus Plan
Bugless Brunch- Fundimensionals, Fundimensionals
Beadhead Crystal Bugger- The McLovins, Good Catch!
The Chase- BAM!, Live at Triumph Brewery
Explosions- Wolfman Conspiracy, ( 2011 single )
Devil’s in the Details- Jimkata, Ghosts and Killers
Down in the Yards- Rubblebucket, Omega La La

"How do you like yours? Unfertilized." RMB at Wormtown 2011

Zach Deputy at Catskill Chill, 2011

Fundimensionals at Catskill Chill, 2011

Other important stuff:

Most of these artists are touring right now, so definitely check out their schedules,

ZD is releasing his new album Another Day very soon, pre sale ends Sept 27th and it’s an absolutely wonderful album,

I’m hopelessly obsessed with Jeff Austin, forgive me,

and our background music for this episode was Soulive’s cover of The Beatles “Come Together” off their AWESOME album Rubber Soulive. Check back here for more from Soulive next week!

Peace and love friends!

The Weekend Trip trials


Hey guys, here’s my first attempt at making these playlists for you! Suggestions and constructive criticism welcome! Always taking suggestions for new bands as well, the goal is to include as much music as possible!

Here’s what I got for you this week:

Spiritual Lines- Fundimensionals, Fundimensionals
Healing- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Live Up! Vol. 2
Fingerprint- Yonder Mountain String Band, The Show
75 and Sunny- Ryan Montbleau Band, Patience on Friday
I Want You- Soulive, Rubber Soulive
Hat Trick- Soulive, Up Here
Tokyo Tea- The McLovins, Good Catch!
World Is Gonna Drown- Rubblebucket, Rose’s Dream
Michael Phelps- FiKus, Mover Shaker EP
Deal- Dan Galvano, 420 Jamstravaganza LIVE!

This track is no longer available to stream, but for a free download, click here!