All Good 2013 and Beyond!


Finally back from All Good and wrapping up the festival in the office. What an adventure! It’s so crazy to see the festival being all the way set up and then broken down in just a day or two. Festivarians are in and out before we can even blink an eye, it seems. But during that 4-day blink, there is so much love and fun and happiness overflowing.

2013-07-16 19.57.46

Working at the General Store was a really fun experience for me because I love being in the campgrounds, hanging with the fans with meeting people, talking about the festival and hearing opinions first hand. And when I’m off duty, I can really be off. No radio, no keys, just me and my crew galavanting around. So I did get to do a lot of the things I wanted to as Marketing Director- find out what the people wanted, see how many people went to certain sets, see how people acted in the torrential downpours (!) but I also got to experience it myself. I walked on those big rocks that have definitely gotten better but are still pretty rough. I got so much good music, it was overwhelming, and I was camped by the Grassroots Stage, so I got to hear most of that too.

2013-07-19 13.47.11

It was definitely a full blown festival weekend for me, even though I did about 10 hours of work a day, that left plenty of time for dancing. My co-manager and I split every headliner, and I was lucky enough to catch the second set of Furthur, which was FIRE. Definitely download the set if you haven’t yet. I got to see Primus, which honestly was pretty standard. It was hilarious and well played, but pretty typical Primus set, thought to be really really honest, I don’t know if I would know an amazing Primus show if it slapped me in the face, but I have fun at all of them and this was no different. Other highlights for me included Nahko and Medicine for the People, Superhuman Happiness on the Grassroots Stage, Moon Hooch late night out there, Leftover Salmon was a party as always. Sets I’m a little bummed to have missed are definitely Kung Fu, The Revivalists, African Showboyz, and a bunch of the Grassroots Stage workshops like The General of Jam Jonathan Schwartz’s Music Industry lesson with Todd Stoops and Pay May of Skyline Music. But alas, work was fun too, and I was thankful for what I was able to do with my time off.

Now I’m back and already looking for the next festival. I want to go to Interlocken (who doesn’t??) but it’s a commitment I’m sure if I can make right after Phish Dicks. There are other great fests in the area coming up, Like Equifunk with Soulive, Keller Williams, Pork Tornado, and many others. Or Camp Barefoot, or The Werk Out. All great events, all supporting up-and-coming artists with awesome people. The choice is difficult, but aren’t we lucky to have the options?! See ya out there!

2013-07-21 00.14.28

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