VEDGE and Getting back on the train…


My oh my, how Tela has missed Traveling!!

Well, to be honest, it’s been about the busiest traveling year for me ever, hence why I have been MIA on my own blog. Over this weekend, I decided to get back on the train and start blogging again.

So to all of the few followers I have probably lost, here we go again- a new lease on an old blog. I’ll keep it Phish-centric, while also going into all my other adventures as well, which have turned largely food related (what is a good adventure without food??), and that’s where we’ll start today…

In Philly (where Phish Halloween is rumored to be in the works….), there is a new vegan restaurant that is blowing up the blogs left and right. It’s called Vedge and vegan/non vegans alike can enjoy this beautiful meal together.

The building is old, right in the middle of Center City Philadelphia, surrounded by cool shops and other bars/restaurants, tucked into the mirage of history these streets present. Just one step inside the restaurant and you realize how classy this joint really is. It’s not quite the same relaxed feel as the outside may have implied, but the contemporary looks makes a diner excited for dinner.

The cocktail list was out of this world, with options from every corner of the globe, but I wanted to go with a simple sangria, which was so delicious I had about 3… ok 4!

The way the menu works is they recommend getting 2 or 3 dishes per person, but really since everyone at the table shares (I went with Matt and our two friends Becky and Davis), you fill up faster than you would think. We definitely didn’t need everything we got, but we had to sample all of it! We started with peel ‘n’ eat lupini beans (totally skipped the olives.. yuck!), and I gotta say these were my least favorite… too much effort for too little reward.

The main entrees were a delight though, I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite so I’ll tell you about them all. We had a sweet potato pate with these jerk roasted cashews- it was the perfect combination of flavors and the smooth sweet potato melted in your mouth. We tried the salt roasted beets with avocado and smoked tofu, it was not only gorgeous with the beet color but DELICIOUS, possibly my favorite. Two of us got the spice grilled tofu which came out looking this beautiful salmon pink with perfect grillmarks, also a delight to enjoy. Lastly we had the grilled seitan, which was absolutely mouthwatering from the first smell.

Looking back over the menu, I could have easily ordered just about everything, and they pretty much encourage you to do just that, but the tolerable prices of these small dishes make ordering whatever you want just manageable enough. I won’t be dining here over Phish Halloween (speaking with hope!), but I found a plethora of places in Philly to vegan cheesesteaks…. I know, I couldn’t think of a bigger oxymoron, but they exist, and I will eat them!

Until next time…. aka NEXT WEEK CUZ IM REALLY DOING IT AGAIN!! See ya then phriends ❤

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