Sorry for the Silence!


Hey All Good Nation, sorry for the radio silence on my end- things are getting crazier and crazier as we get closer to the festival!!! I think were in the 50 day range now, aren’t we?!? Gah, it’s all so exciting. I went to DelFest this past Memorial Day weekend to start the festie season off right and boy was I treated to something special! It was a spectacular event, with everything from the staff and vendors to the setting and line-up working in perfect harmony. We hope All Good turns out as well, but of course we’re dealing with like 15,000 more people, but we can always learn!! 

In All Good news, we released the Saturday and Sunday line-ups since my last post. You can find them here:

and here:

respectively. Both those days, in my opinion, are STACKED. We booked it way up so we hope you’ll stick around Sunday for a last-day-of-the-weekend throw down. I’ve been working on VIP Goodie Bags (so jealous of you VIPers right now UGH) and the biggest thing is these mailers we made to send to you guys. It took us a long time to get exactly what we wanted, but I think you’re gonna be really happy with the finished product. You get A LOT more collectable All Good art than you ever did before, so we hope you dig it. Spent time writing up the rules and regulations, some friendly reminders, a list of things to bring (think I forgot something off my list? add it in the comments!) and the packet welcome letter which will explain EVERYTHING you need to know. When you get your welcome packet, please read all information carefully as I took special care in including all the stuff you have asked me to this point and tried to cover my bases for the future! Plus, it’s kinda funny.

I also wrote a lot of the program, Im not sure if I already bragged about this but I wrote up all the band bios and that welcome letter as well- a very proud little marketing gal over here, if I may say so myself =P

Working on getting the best possible route for every type of ticket out there, we really want to avoid lots of traffic and I know you do too, so we’re trying hard to plan effectively for the masses! And I think we got a good system down, so fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly. Also, some of you may have noticed the Legend Valley is encouraging action in rebuttal to unlawful searches by police. While we are totally on your side and if you have been  unlawfully searched, do check out the Legend Valley facebook page on how to report this, however, we BEG you not to drive with anything illegal in your car. If you do, we can’t help you and we want you to get in easy peasy!!! Also, please remember that we hire outside security as well and they aren’t under any sort of Ohio legislation, so just be respectful of the law and it will be respectful of you. 

We’re getting merch made up for you guys, coming up with some super cool designs for shirts and the poster looks SO COOL I’m psyched about it- a couple other things going on, but really we’re down to the nitty gritty (who’s goin on phish tour in less than a week?!?!) and it’s detail time. I’ll keep you all as informed as I can about the goings on here and feel free to post questions in the comment section! More than likely you will get a response from me here as opposed to the Facebook world- but I’m always on Twitter!!! @allgoodfestival! Talk to you all soon!!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I was curious if there will be a venue map included in tis year’s festival packets/online information. I’ve been to Legend Valley many times, and would love to see how you plan to use the venue and surrounding fields. I’m also sure that there are All Good Faithfuls out there that have never been to LV and would love to get a jump on familiarizing themselves with the venue.

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