Big week in our little office!


All Good Natioonnnnn!! What’s up, so this is the 4th installment of weekly updates from the All Good camp, just tryin’ to keep all you fancy fans informed. Tryin our best! Keep communicating with us, even if we can’t get back to you right away, we’ve got our ears open for ya.

Two big announcements went out this week- hope you dug ’em! Tuesday we released the jam packed, biggest ever Thursday line-up. I heard some confusion over listing the bands followed by the full line-up, but just to clarify, everyone is only performing once =/ Sorry if I’m bursting anyone’s bubble, but I did want to let you know that that was poorly phrased by me so just to be clear. But… Phil and Friends, Bob Weir, Shpongle, and more kicking off All Good?! I don’t see how you could go wrong. Biggest. Party. Ever. Who’s with me?!

Apparently, a lot of people were, because within hours of that announcement, our Advance Tier 1 tickets starting flying off the shelves, so we had to announce a cut off date- Monday, 5/15, at 5 pm EST, so if you’re reading this and planning on buying your ticket, why not save $10 and do it now? Jussstttt a suggestion!! =D

We got into other stuff at the office this week; Junipa and I sat down to get after all her department heads and start making a timeline for getting ready at the new site (!!)- we’re making so many awesome moves at this place, you guys are gonna love it- set up some stuff with Clean Vibes, got our commercials on air in Ohio (let us know what you think if you see them!), ordered more handbills and posters for our AMAZING street teamers across this vast land, and we had a big marketing meeting with everybody (for once, all 4 of us were in the same place at the same time! killin’ it!), so be on the lookout for big moves comin’ soon.

I also spent a lot of time trying to come up with a really simple, fun, and yet not overly easy contest to run on Facebook, but I want people to participate. The prizes are gonna be really cool- All Good merch, maybe some discount codes or even tickets, not sure yet- but how do you guys feel about photo contests? or tagging contests? Ever participate in a really fun, simple contest with some of your favorite bands? Get at me if you have any suggestions on games you’d actually play to win!

Speaking of Facebook, I love all you guys voicing your opinions on our page and getting riled up with other fans, making friends, making plans, I think it’s just awesome! I wish some of ya’ll wouldn’t be so testy once in a while (clearing throat, looking over glasses with eyebrows raised), but I understand and respect your passion. So there was some hate being thrown at my “Follow us on Twitter!” post, and I want to apologize to all the FB die-hards our there who are anti-Twitter on principle. I, too, was one of you. But now, I love Twitter, and I handle the day-to-day postings for All Good Festival and I just wanted to spread some love to the FB world! I mentioned in my FB post that I do live chatting via Tweets and some people got upset that the case wasn’t the same for FB, and I think I should explain why. We have 173,000+ people who follow what we post on Facebook, whereas on Twitter, it’s at 7,000+. I can be more casual, more fun and interactive on a platform that’s not so under-the-magnifying glass, and it’s much easier to deal with 1 tweet once an hour or so than it is to deal with 30 comments in 5 minutes. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes you FB fiends, I really do, but if you wanna chat, get at me on Twitter, that’s kinda what the platform was made for anyway. I think it’s pretty cool we’re doing that much- who else do you see chatting personally with their followers? And also, you know that we would NEVER announce something exclusively or first on Twitter, FB always takes presendence. This is just a little somethin’ extra I wanted do for you guys, take it or leave it… but if you take it,!/AllGoodFestival  😛

So that’s what’s good this week over here at the All Good offices. We have a couple cool shows on Saturday in Baltimore if you’re in the area. The Machine covers Pink Floyd at the Baltimore Soundstage and ALO featuring Chris Kasper at the 8×10- let me know how it is if you go!! I’m either going to this little tiny electric festival called Electric Relaxation to support a friends band, or to the Spring Pickin’ Bluegrass festival to see the Rumpke Mountain Boys for the first time and my favorites Hot Day at the Zoo! So, should be a good weekend! Hope you all have a sunshiney-daydreamy-walkininthetalltressys weekend!

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  1. Question: Is there going to be some type of “village” or area where one may hang out if they aren’t watching music? Similar to a much-smaller Centeroo or Ball Square a la Superball. All Good has never had anywhere that people who aren’t watching the music can congregate and get weird late-night, so I didn’t know if this year would be the year? Just an idea.

    • We’ve had Shakedown Street/ Vendor Row in years past and have tried to have a fire pit near by, or last year the slide was right there. But that’s a great suggestion and I’ll see if we can do anything like that!

      • Fantastic! Even though the official and campground shakedowns are always fun late-night, I’ve always wanted All Good to have some sort of centralized area with interactive things for people to do/explore day and night. Either way it is going to be a blast.

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