It’s All Happening at All Good!


Hey friends, thanks for taking the time to read my blog posts and keep updated about whats going on at All Good Festival! I’m so flattered by the responses I’ve gotten to these posts and will continue to keep you informed as best I can!

Let me be really clear about something- I’m a huge All Good fan. I’ve been to the last 3 All Good festivals and was hugely jealous in the years before then that I couldn’t go because of summer jobs. (Back then, I didn’t fully understand what it meant to abandon everything and go on summer tour, but I learned pretty quick!) So I’m a fan first and foremost. But I also work for Walther Productions, the promotion company that founded and hosts All Good every year. (We also book and promote club shows in DC and Baltimore and manage Dark Star Orchestra year round.) I was hired on a few months back as the office intern and now I’m the Marketing Assistant. So really, I am representing All Good on their behalf, but I’m also representing you. I speak for the fans! Okay okay a little too Lorax of me, but honestly, everything I do comes with your perspective, your opinion, and your best interest at heart, because even now, I’m still just like you.

Of course, everything has changed. I work for my most favorite event of the year and it will never be the same for me ever again. I’ve crossed over to the other side, you might say. I’ll never get to wait on that long line and let all that anticipation build, I’ll never get to frantically find my friends and get over to their spot, I’ll never get to set up and break down camp. I know, you’re probably saying “how can you miss that?!” but I really will, I’ll miss it a lot. You never know how much you love something until it’s gone.

So I work for Walther and I love what I do, but realize of course that I can’t tell you everyythinnggg I know, what fun would that be?!? Here’s what’s been up this week- we’ve been super busy I feel like dealing with tickets, getting beer vendors so y’all can get your drink on, getting more fliers made and to our AMAZINNGGG street teamers all over the country, booking crowd performers, making plans for family camping, sober camping, ADA camping, all that good stuff! Biggest thing we’re working on is making Legend Valley more perfect than it already is- planting soft grass, uncovered old access roads, clearing out the woods for shaded camping, so much fun stuff! Be on the look out for more details on what we’re doing in our upcoming email blasts, which will also include daily line ups and maybe a ticket give away or two… hmm……

There are a couple things I wanted to address brought to my attention by the true Lorax of the All Good fanbase, Tolly, so thanks for bringing them up, Tolly! Remember what I said about the Grassroots stage are just ideas that we’re coming up with… one for sure thing that I know I can tell you is this.. and it’s cool… we’re doing super extended lighting workshops with none other than Chris Koruda, the lighting director for Phish (!!!!!!!! bet youre not as excited as me!!!). As some of you may know, Koruda has done lights for All Good for the past few years, and he did a workshop last year that went somewhat unnoticed but was still popular. Well, I know how much you guys would like something like that, so there it is! Plan to hit up the Grassroots camping stage for that extra long workshop, among many other stripped down sets, sunrise songs, and more to come in the campgrounds!

As far as main stage collaborations go, I appreciate and envy all of your suggestions, but we have little to no control over who wants to collab with who. Keep posting them on our wall and your fave bands walls, because we read and they read and who knows?! But I can tell you this much, and it’s no secret… the chance of Mickey getting on stage with Phil and/or Bobby is… sad to say… minimal. It’s a personal thing between them as many of us may know and it just won’t happen, as it hasn’t in years past, but maybe being back at Legend Valley will stir up something beautiful for them. Just have to wait and see…

Also, myself and Tim and all of us at All Good want to apologize for the lack of communication you guys are apparently feeling from us. With the move and several big changes happening in our little office,  this year is running a little differently than previous years, and getting information to you has been thrown off a bit. Plus, there’s just so much more to know with the new location! So this is our attempt to bridge that divide, and I hope you’ll take advantage. We are paying attention to Facebook too! So in that regard, let me address the concerns I’ve seen there.
1) This year, we don’t have day or weekend passes available, only the 4 day because we booked you 4 days worth of fantastic music =D
2) If you get an e-ticket before you receive something at home- don’t freak out! A lot of festivals are moving to a wristband only “ticket” because it’s safer, more difficult to counterfeit, and drastically reduces time spent waiting on line to get in, but they’ve found clever and cool ways to make up for not sending out a ticket, and we plan on following suit… trust me, you’re gonna love it.
3) Lastly, yes, the boys in Umphrey’s McGee are taking some time off in the summer and they had to pass on All Good this year. This wasn’t any one persons decision or fault, and you will notice they’ve had to forgo many of their typical festivals this year. I mean, let’s give the guys a break, they’ve been touring non-stop for almost a full year and they all need some time at home with their families (yes, even your favorite rock stars have wives and children who miss them probably more than you will). And.. um… weren’t yall complaining last year about how “the line-up is the same every year?” Wellll hello, UM has been a staple, I don’t think anything could have made this years line-up MORE different than to not have UM and Keller, who- BTW you can see at the Dark Star Orchestra Jubilee a little more than 1 month after All Good for less than $100 =D But really, and I can’t express this enough, we promised you a killer festival, we’re gonna give you a killer festival.

Post your thoughts in the comments below, friends!! #lovepeacemusicjoyallthatfunstuff (ps follow us on twitter!)

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  1. Best festival on the east coast in my opinion. From venue, price, vibe, location, setup, no overlapping sets, and lineup. Keep up the good work Walthers Team. Thanks for the update Tela, Thanks again. Jealous of your job there, just saying!

  2. My main concern. Claypool? Why oh why no claypool?? will I be missing his disgusting bass skills in addition to my mountaintop?

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