Another week with All Good


So its week two of trying to keep this bad boy updated for your reading pleasure. I’m going to post my Levon Helm memoriam in a few moments, but here’s a run down of what’s been going on this week.

Last Friday we had to wait super late for someone to come pick up the handbills and posters we were distributing to our regional street teams (it was 4/20 thank you very much. I was not pleased) but he finally showed up so this week, I was monitoring those, making sure they went to all the right places- Shimon Presents in Georgia, Musical Earth in Ohio, Super Seed in West Virginia, Deathwaltz in Philly- trying to have all our bases covered at least! Then we had to make more. Thousands. More. And they’re not that simple to print in house, it takes a lot of focus and commitment to cut out 10,000 4x6s, even with a big chopper. Good thing we have our sweet and patient Andee…

Had a marketing meeting with Tim and Jeff about our upcoming email blasts- soooo much fun stuff to announce- sign up at and to start brainstorming for the Grassroots Stage!! We came up with a lot of great potential ideas, including a rise and moonshine morning with some string guests, awesome collaborations, stripped down sets, special guests- so many good ideas, look for that emailer to tell you what we’re going to have when we figure it out! Got a good suggestion? Feel free to comment below!

We also added SoundCloud files and youtube links to the All Good Festival website, which was really fun for me because I got to really listen to all the bands we’re hosting this year. What am I most excited about? Well, this week, it’s been all about Elephant Revival and Moon Hooch. Both of these bands have a unique sound that we haven’t heard before and I really like their songwriting. It just stands out among the rest which is why Tim picked them in the first place! I’m also excited for one of my favorite bands of all time, Yonder Mountain ❤ love them so so much. It’s gross. Everyone Orchestra is going to be amazing, we’re slowly getting the line-up together and it’s definitely going to be a good one. Check out their new album, featuring Jon Fishman and Al from moe., and Jennifer Hartswick and many more awesome musicians. Actually, there’s an interview with the EO conductor somewhere in the Tela’s Travels archives, go check it out. That was a fun interview. I’m getting distracted, I’m also excited to see The Bridge again! And The Wood Brothers! And let’s all cross our fingers and send good vibes to Gregg Allman with hopes that he can make an appearance at All Good Festival, because we all might be a little lost without him.

ANYWAYYY what else is goin’ on in our little office… We had a fashion show with Junipa yesterday, that was fun… maybe I’ll start adding pictures to this thing… she had on her new Lennon & Yoko shirt, a purple plaid shirt, my pink shades, Jeff’s white plaid hat.. and still looked like a rockstar. Yes, we folks in the background can look like rockstars too! We had a few good laughs at this:

and then this:

totally cracked us up.

In other news, we just announced Roosevelt Collier to be our Artist at Large for this year, so that’s exciting! Roosevelt is a steel pedal player, and multi-instrumentalist who plays with The Lee Boys but will sit in with a bunch of our artists, including a few headlinersss so get pumped for that!! More to come next week you amazing readers and fans and phans and music lovers!! Hope you are seeing some great music this weekend, as for me, I’m going to check out The Bansai Bills in NJ and hopefully a little more but we’ll see!


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  1. I thinj you guys should add another headliner in case greg can’t make it. Personally I’ve never got to see him, so.i pray he’s there. But if not one more big headliner would top it off and put us at ease. Also with collaborations…of course bobby, phil, micky, warren, bruce for sure or lotus, conspirator, big g. Bring it for sure! And for the grassroots stage….maybe yellowbumarine or some sick bluegrass collaboration…..thank you so much for all the info…all good hasnt said anything and this put me at ease that you guys still have alot to announce and thats whats up…i want this first yr at legend valley to be epic and memorable….i have faith you guys will come through….

  2. Since they are having a few bonfire pits this year at All Good would certainly be cool if there were a bonfire jam or two late night”ish” or afternoonish. I know for a fact Moon Hooch would be down to do something very cool like that and they aren’t strangers to spontaneous jam sessions.

  3. Maybe give Soma Nova a listen if you’re still pokin’ around for a good fit. They’re an awesome psychedelic folk-rock band, and lead guitarist and songwriter (Paul E. Petit) has some bluegrass roots (one previous band iteration was The Amigos– a local RI band with Paul Petit, Paul Mellyn and Mike Arciero– acclaimed back in the day, similar to Doc Watson with 2 acoustic guitars, etc.).

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