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Hey yall! So I know it’s been a hot minute since I made a post, but I’ve been in a crazy whirlwind getting settled into my new job with Walther Productions. For those of you who may not know, Walther Productions is the company that puts on All Good Festival, All Good Presents club shows, and manages Dark Star Orchestra. So, as you can imagine, I’ve landed my dream job (until my dreams get bigger) and I’ve been really dedicated to it. I love everything I’m doing.

Now that I’m caught up a little and settled in, I want to get back to Tela’s Travels. I know, I know, “but Tela you always say that!” Well now I really mean it! I’m going to use this space to give you all a little insiders view of what’s going on over here as we plan for one of the greatest festivals of the summer.

I’m starting this new thing on a rather somber day in our offices. A great musician and inspiration passed today. Levon Helm, drummer, singer, mandolin and harmonica player, and much much more to rock ‘n’ roll legends The Band, spent his final days with his family by his side before his body could no longer handle the attack of throat cancer. And it’s truly amazing how far he made it. The man went through hell and back with his health, and yet continued to tour with his band and host countless Midnight Ramble concerts at his home studio. I will be writing a memoir essay on Levon, a personal hero, in the days coming, but for now, all I can say is he will be greatly missed. And that doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel.

Before we heard the news, however, we over here at All Good were having a pretty productive day. As you can imagine, we like to play music all day and it fosters conversation and community when we’re all listening to the same thing. And you might think that we all have the same taste in music, but you would be wrong, believe it or not! Andee, who (wo)mans the front desk, got to the CD player first and put in something she’d been dying for us to hear. It was a band called Acid Mother’s Temple, and she played the whole two track cd. Yes, it was only two tracks, and yes, the first track was 45 minutes long. Now you understand why she wanted us to hear it. I am uploading it onto the computer right now, and for you heady spacey acid jam kids out there, I recommend you do the same! The album is called Anthem of the Space if you’re into it.

Jeff, who is in charge of All Good Presents marketing, spent his day making fliers and posters for the shows we have coming (specifically a fresh Billy Martin performance!) and laminents for the Dark Star Orchestra Spring Tour East. Yes, we sit here and make individual laminated passes for every show, every guest, every band member, and every crew member. Quite a tedious, but kinda cool process. I had to do it for Jam in the Dam, which we hosted in Amsterdam in March.

Boss-lady Junipa (she runs the company with Tim Walther) spent her day confined to the upstairs office making All Good Fest and Dark Star Jubilee (my first event that’s solely my marketing responsibility!) graphics, which always look so beautiful. We had to unload about 300,000 of her handbills today when the shipping guys finally got here, and then we had to sort all those handbills to go to Shimon Presents in Atlanta, our publicist in Ohio, our street team leader in West Virignia, and then some! You have no idea how heavy that tiny thin little handbill can be.

And then there’s little ol’ me. Newest member of the All Good team, fitting in pretty seamlessly. Today, I didn’t have to answer any stupid questions (are you guys selling one day passes?? no, read the website. when are the allman brothers performing??? obviously i cannot tell you that, come now!), but instead, found myself emailing band managers individually for MP3s for our website. Had a little convo back and forth with the Everyone Orchestra conductor, Matt Butler, who was psyched to hear how much I loved his new album, got in touch with Dave Lemieux (Grateful Dead archivist) about getting tracks for Phil and Friends and the special Bob Weir trio we have (but he said since this Phil and Friends line-up hasn’t played together in so long, it would be hard. He gave us a hint that Jeff and I couldn’t help but try to figure it out- no, we really don’t know!! and couldn’t guess, unfortunately…), and after that I spoke with Bert Holman, manager of The Allman Brothers, about what kind of MP3 we wanted, considering the vastness of their catalogue, and he told me he would have to check with Gregg, but would get back to me.

More to come in the weeks to come! Check back in with Tela’s Travels!

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  1. Hey Tela, congrats on your new job! I think I can relate to your joy– 4 weeks ago I left a 20-year career path to manage my friends’ band, Soma Nova (yay for me too!). I found you via a FB friend’s post– he shared that he had secured his itinerary for the Hampton Beach DSO show; that led me to check out DSO because Soma Nova would be an AWESOME musical complement as an opener for them (my brother Hugh goes on the Jam Cruise every year and in fact is an EE who fixed the sound system which malfunctioned on last year’s cruise so DSO played without a hitch:)).
    Anyway, my friend Paul E. Petit started Soma Nova about a year ago; he’s the lead guitarist/singer/songwriter. They launched their self-titled debut CD in December 2011 (all original killer tunes) and it was recently nominated by Motif Magazine (local Rhode Island music zine) for Album of the Year. They’re already working on their next CD and have some awesome studio musicians contributing (e.g. Robert Homes from til tuesday). Overall we have 1.5 hrs solid original live music (electric) and 4+ hours of Paul performing solo acoustic everything– Dylan, Dead, CSN, you name it.
    So, Tela Phishman, if you made it this far in my message, maybe you would kindly consider checking out our EPK ( or our website which should be up very soon (
    We would be ecstatic to play at the Dark Star Jubilee (haven’t been to Buckeye Lake since, well, you can probably guess) or anywhere you would provide us the opportunity. In the least it would be awesome if you would listen to some Soma Nova (I know you will love them!). Songs can be downloaded for free on on the sonicbids website, or I would be happy to send a copy of the CD (would arrive with a free custom tie-dye)– just need mailing address.

    Thanks very much,
    Margaret (Meg)

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