From the Phavorite Things archive- 10/25/2010


I used to have a blog called Phavorite Things, so any post you see with “Reason” in the title will be an editorial from that blog.

Reason #1: Meatprise. And that day after feeling.

Since today is my first day at this and I’m hot off a double header at UMASS’ Mullins Center, I thought I’d start with two good reasons: the first being my absolute favorite song of the weekend.
This flawlessly laid Meatstick chorus in place of Reprise lyrics at the end of Set I (that’s a treat) Saturday made me practically fly. As a relatively new phan, I’m still wow’d by the creative mix ups and tricks they pull out at each show. Maybe some other phans aren’t as thrilled with the Meatprise that went down, though it was pretty tight musically. Seeing as it was my first Meatstick, hearing it twice was an honor. Reminds me of the five time Tweezer from Hartford-SPAC 6/2010. Soo wonderful and rock ‘n’ roll. Besides the Meatprise, a groovin’ Meatstick opener, BBFCFM throw down, and an appearance by the vacuum all helped to welcome Phish back to UMASS.
While I’m on the subject, the rest of the Saturday night was pretty amazing too; lots of hits that made me dance like mad, but nothing that hadn’t been played fairly recently. Also nothing new for me besides the main focus here and the Hold Your Head Up>Love You>Hold Your Head Up, which was awesome- to finally see Fish and the fabled vacuum solo made me feel pretty complete.
The second reason I love Phish today (but not reason #2 officially) is because of the way I felt today. After a two night run not that close to home, I’m frankly beat. I had a done a few other shows in NYC the days prior, so that adds to the exhaustion, but really Phish wipes me out. Last nights (Sundays) show, while not the tightest musically, really took me off my feet and brought me to a new level with the band. Something about standing behind them and conducting the crowd to my favorite opening rifts of Free, or grooving hard to the Gamehendge classic the Lizards. Maybe it was the funky energy of Brother that held the set up through a calm, but tight Roggae; Or else it could have been the Taste>Waste that made me stop in my perfect-spot-finding tracks and bawl. I wish I could prepare myself for the emotional draw Waste undoubtedly brings on me, but I never can. Alas, maybe still it was none of these wonderful songs, maybe it was the Bowie that ultimately took me away and sky rocketed me into a Phish world never to be left. Its exhausting just thinking about much fun I had. And I was hurting today; driving home, zoning out, getting all emotional over a Sample from 1999; my body, my legs, my brain, my ringing ears, all saying “Whyyy?? Whyy me? Why no vitamins or nutrients? Why staying up all night and getting down so hard??” To that I say, “We can make it through another day, body, because if we do, we get to go on the Halloween run.” Through all my aches and pains today, I just kept saying how much I love those boys, this band, that music. I’m less than 24 hours from the last time I’ve seen Phish and I already can’t wait for Friday!!See what my phavorite thing is tomorrow as we get closer and closer to this Halloween weekend!

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