Karl Denson’s Big Plans for his Tiny Universe


Originally published on Appalachain Jamwhich 9/26/13


Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe comes to Pittsburgh at Mr. Smalls on Saturday 9.28, and we got to have a quick word with Karl D. himself about playing with Mike Dillion, the Tiny Universe’s “New Ammo” due out in January, and playing the West Coast.


AJ: How do you like Pittsburgh? Excited to play Mr. Small’s again?

KD: I love Mr. Small’s, it’s a great room. Probably gonna cook dinner for the guys, they have a kitchen there.


I saw you were looking for veggie sandwiches the other day, are you vegetarian?

I am generally vegetarian, yeah. I love meat but I’m getting too old to eat it so I try to make it count when I do.


Sure, that’s a good way to stay healthy. So Mike Dillion’s on the tour, how did that happen?

We frequent the same places and it was on the heels of him doing some recording for me on the new record that we decided to do a little run together. We did a day of percussion-ing, some of everything, except we didn’t get him on vibes [viberaphone], which was kind of a drag. But I got him on pretty much all his other toys.


Well that’s cool, he does have a lot of fun toys to play with. So the tour with him has been going well?

Yes, it’s going awesome. They crowds have been having fun, I’ve got a new drummer so I’ve been breaking him in but it’s been really easy and it’s getting really musical.


Who’s your new drummer?

Max MacVeedy. He started this tour, a week and a half ago. He’s fitting in great, it’s really awesome.


That’s always cool when you add a new member to the band and they just sort of melt right into everyone else’s vibe.

Yeah, it’s really nice.


So I guess he wasn’t on the new album, but how’s that going? All done and ready to go?

Yeah, it’s done, middle of January is the release date, it’s called “New Ammo.”


I like that, how’d you get to that name?

It’s one of the songs we included and we just decided to go with it to create an image of war and peace kind of thing.


Do you think you and the band have changed a lot since your last album in 2009?

Yeah, for sure. I mean, the band is very different now and I think we’re settling into a cool place right now. It was kind of a struggle figuring out exactly what we wanted to do with the band in the last couple years, but I think we’ve kind of gotten there now and the new record is kind of the first phase of what we’re doing now.


Cool, you feel like it’s much more defining now than it was before?

Yes, I feel like it’s much closer to what we are live.


Did you keep that great R&B feel or is it a completely new sound on this record?

No, I think it’s got a nice little bit of the R&B sound and little more of like a 60’s/70’s soundtrack vibe and I think we’re actually pointed more in a real soul, R&B direction right now, so I think it’s gonna be a good complement. I’m aiming at getting another record out really soon behind this one just to kind of codify where we’re going. 

Definitely good to follow up with something just as strong. I saw that it will be released on Slightly Stoopid Records, were you in Slightly Stoopid or how did that relationship begin?

We’re both from San Diego and I’ve been a part of the band for the last 3 years, and they just kind of adopted me so, I run around with them when I’m not doing my thing.


That’s sort of been the same time that Tiny Universe has been kind of on the rise, how’s that been balancing two big projects?

Well it’s allowed me to take some time out of these markets, like we haven’t really done a big run like we’re doing this fall in a couple of years so it was a good kind of respite to gather our thoughts and get the new record ready and now we’ve got more focus and more energy to do the Tiny Universe. So that’s gonna be really the main focus for the next year.

Yeah, and there’s a ton coming up, you’ll be playing Mustang Music Festival in NC on October 11, and then Joshua Tree Music Festival in CA the next day, and a lot of California shows on the tour, do you see a difference at all in the music scenes between the east and west coast?

No, not really, it’s just a chance to go and see your friends, see who comes out. Have a nice party- it’s party season as we call it. There’s always a strange flux that you see when you do it as much as I do, but I find that it has a lot more to do with how we feel and how the audience feels, so we just try to stay positive and enjoy what we’re doing and hope it translates well.


Do you have a favorite venue in California or out west that you particularly love to play at?

Ya know, I really like the Fillmore in San Francisco, and the Belly Up in San Diego, it’s nice playing at home.


Cool, great choices, I love the Fillmore. So now out on the west coast you have Zach Deputy who’s great and The Cosmic Horns, which sounds like it should be a lot of fun. How did that come about? Are you excited for it?

Well we did this at Jazz Fest this past year, so it was kind of something we had so much fun with, we decided to revisit it and so it’s gonna be a blast.


“The Ray Charles Boogaloo Party?”

Yea, I discovered that Zach had a penchant for Ray Charles so I kind of made a big issue out of it and now we’re gonna see how far we can go with it.


That’s fun sounds like it’s gonna be really cool, and you sound excited. Think it’s gonna take off?

Yeah it’s gonna be really fun. Ya know normally we do these novelty little things, we only do a couple shows so you never get a chance to really settle into it where now we have 2 months of this thing with Zach so I’m really excited about actually doing 15-20 gigs and getting it tight and having it be something cool.


Totally, sounds like it’s gonna be really cool. I never really thought of the combination until I saw your tour schedule and the sound matches perfectly and the Ray Charles thing- you are totally right, it’s gonna be great. The couple times I’ve seen Zach it’s just been dance party beach vibe and I’m sure you guys will just turn the heat up.

Yeah, it’s gonna be fun.


And then you’re gonna be on Jam Cruise in January, you must be excited. You’ve been on most of the Jam Cruises, right?

I’ve been on ALL the Jam Cruises! It’s always super fun, my January vacation. I mean, we only have 2 shows in 6 days, so it’s a lot of chilling and hanging out with friends. I’m kind of a creature of the moment, but I’m really excited to see Bootsy.

Watermelon Gazpacho BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


I know Summer is officially over but it’s NOT QUITE OVER until you have that last watermelon. Well. My last watermelon came and went with this tremendous Watermelon Gazpacho that was inspired by a hot weekend at Lockn’ Festival.

Takes 10-15 minutes to make depending on how soupy you want it. I did about half and half because I like it thicker, but as you can see, the chunks were submerged in a fully blended liquid.


Chop about 3 cups of watermelon and put a little more than half of it in a blender. Chop a cucumber, red pepper, and red onion, and put a little more than half of those in as well. If you want any heat, add a chopped jalepeno here, I used half of one. Add about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and puree.

Finely chop the remaining ingredients (or leave them big if you want) and put them in a large bowl with salt and pepper to taste. Once the blended ingredients are smooth, pour them in the bowl, and mix to the two to fully combine. Taste here for s&p needs, and cover, letting the flavors meld in the fridge for an hour (if you can wait). Stir before serving, and enjoy!

What to do with all the photos I take of my food.. and Cashew Cheez


I’ve been trying to get into vegan and healthy lifestyle blogging, as I try to get better at a vegan and healthy lifestyle, and along the way, I’ve taken pictures of the particularly successful dishes I’ve made to remind myself that it’s easy and fun. I post photos of my food on Facebook, like everyone else, so I figured I should take them elsewhere, and maybe include recipes… so here goes!

Baked Cashew Cheez (Dairy, soy, and gluten free)

This takes some time to prep, but the herbed chewy crust and creamy spreadable center make this small project a worthwhile effort and can last refrigerated for up to a week- if you can last that long. (Please note that even though there is a hair-tie in this photo, the recipe does not call for hair.)


Soak 2 cups of raw cashews fully submerged in salted water overnight or for at least 8 hours. Drain and reserve at least half a cup of the water for later.

Blend the soaked cashews, adding the soaking water slowly to get a smooth consistency. Taste it at this stage in case you need more salt which will bake out, or want to add a flavor to the entire cheez. If so, add the spice or your select flavor (i.e.- basil, red pepper) as you are blending to get it all the way through. (You can use the blended cashews at this stage for a vegan mac n cheez, add spices and put on nachos, use for v. pizza, and more.)

Pour the blended cashews into a cheesecloth, wrap it in a bundle, tie the top with a rubber band, and suspend the cheez bundle over a bowl or bucket to drain at room temperature for 2-4 hours. (Leave a little room between the top of the cashew cream and the rubber band and stick a dull knife through to balance on the rim of any deep dish.) Then put it in the fridge to chill for another 4 hours at least. 

The cheez will be in a firm ball at this point but should be unwrapped delicately and placed in an oven-safe dish to be herbed. Cover the top with your choice of herbs or more salt, depending on your flavorings and preferences. Bake at 200 degrees for 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how crusty you want the… crust. If you want to bake it for less time, you can turn the oven up a bit but not more than 250 or the process will backfire. (The photo above was baked at 200 for about 2 hours and 30 mins.. I was going for a Brie-like texture and I think I got pretty close. Chewy but flavorful and slightly different from the warm velvety inside cheez.)

Will Power and the Biggest Loser Challenge


This article was originally published on Peaceful Dumpling on 9/18/2013.

It seems like I have always been trying to lose weight and improve my fitness, but in the last year, I’ve been letting myself slip. A new job in a new place and the decision to cut dairy made me feel like I could be lenient in other ways, but here I am, many pounds later and just as unsatisfied. Fed up with it all, something had to change for me when I was invited by a group of friends on Facebook to make a go of it together.

We decided on an 8-week Biggest Loser competition and as Day 1 approached, I prepared by trying to remember anything that got me going lately. I wasn’t fully motivated by the desire to lose weight or eat better, nor was it external forces like getting a boyfriend or fitting into a certain dress. This had to come from within, from the most genuine source of any effort, especially since the competition was self-monitored and relied on the word of participants (and photos of our weigh-ins). There were no screaming ex-marines or celebrity fitness stars to push us along; just the satisfaction of our success and the strength of our desire. I remembered easier times, like during my college years when a free rec center meant hours on the elliptical or even in high school, when team practices were all the exercise I needed. What was it that kept me going then?

I followed exercise and wellness blogs during my slump, so as to not lose complete sight of my health, and one trend I saw a lot of was the 30-day Fitness Challenge. Time and time again, I tried to make these exercises part of my routine. I would print out the info-graphic, tape it to my mirror, and start out 5 or 6 days strong, but then sputter out even when I thought I could keep going. Life just kept getting in the way, but faced with the Biggest Loser competition, I wasn’t going to let this happen again.

To begin was intimidating—a calendar full of squats, sit-ups, jumping jacks, or wall-sits—but they all started out simple. Day 1’s challenges were a few of my favorites: 20-second planks and 2 sets of 15 burpees. Those first burpees were admittedly tough but I was proud to finish them and was encouraged to press on because of the ease at which that challenge (and many like it) progressed. Most allowed for a rest day after the first week or so, giving my body a chance to absorb the work, and in reflection, it turned out to be less scary than I thought. The longer and more consistently I did it, the easier it was to keep going. Sure, it took more effort every day, but by the beginning of the third week, my tummy felt tighter, my clothes fit better, I had more energy–I was starting to really see results, not only in the mirror, but also in my desire to do more.

Though the last week was surely the hardest, the satisfaction of completing the challenge was well worth it. I looked back on those 30 days and felt proud that I accomplished something I knew would be difficult and maybe painful, but so good for my body and mind. I lost a few pounds, which always feels good, but I could tell I had converted fat to muscle, which feels better. I looked slimmer, I had a bounce to my step, and I felt more attractive in the clothes I was wearing.  Right away, I was ready to start another challenge, thanks to the will power that grew stronger with my muscles in the previous challenge. My brain wanted to keep going; my heart was in it to win it, because my will power was keeping me on track.

Now, in the middle of my Biggest Loser competition, I know that these 30-day challenges motivate me and will carry me through. Knowing I’ve done it before and can do it again  makes me confident in taking on any fitness face-off, and with 30-day challenges to keep me exercising, my will power will grow stronger and my waistline smaller.

All Good 2013 and Beyond!


Finally back from All Good and wrapping up the festival in the office. What an adventure! It’s so crazy to see the festival being all the way set up and then broken down in just a day or two. Festivarians are in and out before we can even blink an eye, it seems. But during that 4-day blink, there is so much love and fun and happiness overflowing.

2013-07-16 19.57.46

Working at the General Store was a really fun experience for me because I love being in the campgrounds, hanging with the fans with meeting people, talking about the festival and hearing opinions first hand. And when I’m off duty, I can really be off. No radio, no keys, just me and my crew galavanting around. So I did get to do a lot of the things I wanted to as Marketing Director- find out what the people wanted, see how many people went to certain sets, see how people acted in the torrential downpours (!) but I also got to experience it myself. I walked on those big rocks that have definitely gotten better but are still pretty rough. I got so much good music, it was overwhelming, and I was camped by the Grassroots Stage, so I got to hear most of that too.

2013-07-19 13.47.11

It was definitely a full blown festival weekend for me, even though I did about 10 hours of work a day, that left plenty of time for dancing. My co-manager and I split every headliner, and I was lucky enough to catch the second set of Furthur, which was FIRE. Definitely download the set if you haven’t yet. I got to see Primus, which honestly was pretty standard. It was hilarious and well played, but pretty typical Primus set, thought to be really really honest, I don’t know if I would know an amazing Primus show if it slapped me in the face, but I have fun at all of them and this was no different. Other highlights for me included Nahko and Medicine for the People, Superhuman Happiness on the Grassroots Stage, Moon Hooch late night out there, Leftover Salmon was a party as always. Sets I’m a little bummed to have missed are definitely Kung Fu, The Revivalists, African Showboyz, and a bunch of the Grassroots Stage workshops like The General of Jam Jonathan Schwartz’s Music Industry lesson with Todd Stoops and Pay May of Skyline Music. But alas, work was fun too, and I was thankful for what I was able to do with my time off.

Now I’m back and already looking for the next festival. I want to go to Interlocken (who doesn’t??) but it’s a commitment I’m sure if I can make right after Phish Dicks. There are other great fests in the area coming up, Like Equifunk with Soulive, Keller Williams, Pork Tornado, and many others. Or Camp Barefoot, or The Werk Out. All great events, all supporting up-and-coming artists with awesome people. The choice is difficult, but aren’t we lucky to have the options?! See ya out there!

2013-07-21 00.14.28

VEDGE and Getting back on the train…


My oh my, how Tela has missed Traveling!!

Well, to be honest, it’s been about the busiest traveling year for me ever, hence why I have been MIA on my own blog. Over this weekend, I decided to get back on the train and start blogging again.

So to all of the few followers I have probably lost, here we go again- a new lease on an old blog. I’ll keep it Phish-centric, while also going into all my other adventures as well, which have turned largely food related (what is a good adventure without food??), and that’s where we’ll start today…

In Philly (where Phish Halloween is rumored to be in the works….), there is a new vegan restaurant that is blowing up the blogs left and right. It’s called Vedge and vegan/non vegans alike can enjoy this beautiful meal together.

The building is old, right in the middle of Center City Philadelphia, surrounded by cool shops and other bars/restaurants, tucked into the mirage of history these streets present. Just one step inside the restaurant and you realize how classy this joint really is. It’s not quite the same relaxed feel as the outside may have implied, but the contemporary looks makes a diner excited for dinner.

The cocktail list was out of this world, with options from every corner of the globe, but I wanted to go with a simple sangria, which was so delicious I had about 3… ok 4!

The way the menu works is they recommend getting 2 or 3 dishes per person, but really since everyone at the table shares (I went with Matt and our two friends Becky and Davis), you fill up faster than you would think. We definitely didn’t need everything we got, but we had to sample all of it! We started with peel ‘n’ eat lupini beans (totally skipped the olives.. yuck!), and I gotta say these were my least favorite… too much effort for too little reward.

The main entrees were a delight though, I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite so I’ll tell you about them all. We had a sweet potato pate with these jerk roasted cashews- it was the perfect combination of flavors and the smooth sweet potato melted in your mouth. We tried the salt roasted beets with avocado and smoked tofu, it was not only gorgeous with the beet color but DELICIOUS, possibly my favorite. Two of us got the spice grilled tofu which came out looking this beautiful salmon pink with perfect grillmarks, also a delight to enjoy. Lastly we had the grilled seitan, which was absolutely mouthwatering from the first smell.

Looking back over the menu, I could have easily ordered just about everything, and they pretty much encourage you to do just that, but the tolerable prices of these small dishes make ordering whatever you want just manageable enough. I won’t be dining here over Phish Halloween (speaking with hope!), but I found a plethora of places in Philly to vegan cheesesteaks…. I know, I couldn’t think of a bigger oxymoron, but they exist, and I will eat them!

Until next time…. aka NEXT WEEK CUZ IM REALLY DOING IT AGAIN!! See ya then phriends❤

Delfest Review!


Written for Hidden Track, published on 6/5/12!

The 5th annual DelFest, curated by bluegrass legend Del McCoury and his family of bluegrass all stars, took place over Memorial Day Weekend and brought together big name acts such as Keller Williams, Leftover Salmon, Yonder Mountain String Band, and of course all the McCoury bands, from Del Band to the Travelin’ McCourys. As a family-oriented event that’s kept its roots at the Allegany Fair Grounds in Cumberland, Maryland, this festival draws not only kids and parents alike, but all your typical festival-attendees: the flower girls, the bros from college, the hoopers, the Deadheads and all sorts of music lovers. DelFest has always been a destination for bluegrass bands of any size, but this year’s event blew previous ones out of the water with three separate stages, multiple headliners every night and full swinging, dirt kicking, badass bluegrass all weekend.

Spoiler alert: I ADORED this festival. I went in with very little expectations (no offense McCoury clan!) and left the event simply amazed. Everything from the organization and the line-up to the setting, the vendors and the people, this little festival, in Cumberland, Maryland, truly blew me away.

Because of work, I arrived to the festival later on Friday and was enthusiastically greeted by other festivarians as I drove slowly down the tent-lined road to park. Only a small amount of people are able to camp next to their car, so I parked and walked my stuff in to my group who was waiting anxiously for me to get to Yonder Mountain String Band. We made it right on time and with their energetic set, my festival season was in full bloom. I realize I had missed a lot of great music already- Del performed twice, Devil Makes Three and Railroad Earth on Thursday, Split Lip Rayfield, Della Mae, David Mayfield and Luther Dickinson earlier that day, plus the bands on the Potomac Stage- but something about that Yonder set made it a perfect way to start an intense season of live music. Like so many of the sets this weekend, they invited special guests on stage to share in moment- Darol Anger, Tim Carbone of RRE, Jason Carter, and of course Del himself sat in for a couple songs. In bringing him on, Jeff Austin compared Del to Jerry Garcia in his level of influence, and I’ve never seen a happier little boy on his birthday than Jeff was playing with him; one of the first very special moments at this very special festival.

I was obviously itching for more music, but the late night sets were an extra $20 and sold out very quickly. This is where I will call DelFest’s bluff- while I agree with their reasoning to exclude it from the general ticket price (it is a family festival, after all), each time I went into the (air-conditioned) late night building, there was excessive space and they “sold out” their late nights with plenty of availability to invite more people in. I felt for the groups standing outside, and was peeved when I couldn’t get in to Greensky Bluegrass and RRE on Friday.

But the show must go on, and there was more music to be had on that blistering Saturday. The heat was unforgiving, that is until the torrential downpour that lasted about an hour. God bless its cooling powers, but the whole beautiful scene got thoroughly wet, and stayed so through the weekend, which is apparently typical for DelFest. After a delightful swim in the Potomac River (note to self: bring an inner tube next year) and a subsequent rinsing in the rain, I made it in for The Travelin’ McCourys featuring Keller Williams. Another fantastic set of music, notably covers like “Born to be Wild” and “Hot Stuff,” that really blew me away, and it’s this exciting new style for both Keller and the Travelin’ McCourys that the new album comes from (released on July 3rd– definitely check it out).

One (of many) great thing about DelFest is that most of the bands play twice, if not more due to guest appearances, so you really get every dime of music you pay for. If you missed anyone Friday, for a lot of them, you got a second chance on Saturday, and for the first appearances from Emmit-Nershi Band and Leftover Salmon, we would see them again later as well. The Del McCoury Band’s best set was on Saturday, when he chose to play classic bluegrass tunes, inspired covers, and of course, a slew of stellar sit-ins, but the real treat that night was Leftover Salmon. Now, forgive me for being naïve, but I did not know that Leftover could rock a house like that. From the very first chords, the energy was vibrant, the band was running around stage having a great time dancing in the colors, and it did not stop for their whole performance. Even listening back to the set (which I could and did buy from the fest the very next morning), there was not a break or skip in the beat or lag of enthusiasm once. When I saw them for their 20-year anniversary 2 years ago, I don’t think I saw the same band, and now, I can’t stop listening to their collection. It’s truly radiant, and I hope we see a strong return from them in the next couple seasons.

As quite a perfect follow-up, late night sets by The David Mayfield Parade and Infamous Stringdusters were speedy, intense, and really fun. Infamous Stringdusters are taking the bluegrass community by storm, and it only seems appropriate since their music is a whirlwind in itself. Their originals sound like instant classics fueled by a modern newgrass high, and their shows are nothing short of a full jam band experience, which also featured one of the only The Band covers of the whole weekend (to which I say what the heck). Thank goodness this band plays pretty much everywhere these days; you will have plenty of opportunity to see for yourself what I mean.

Another great of about DelFest is its willingness to nurture young bands through their Bluegrass Band Competition. Over Friday and Saturday, eight small bands compete for the half hour Sunday morning slot on the main stage, and an invite to next year’s event. Being that it was Memorial Day weekend, no one was in a rush to get out of the beautiful Allegany County Fairgrounds, especially not the musicians. Possibly the most stacked day of the entire festival, each stage featured a line-up of killer performances and jams, leaving attendees unwilling to depart from the concert fields through the heat and rain. A McCoury Family Jam was only the perfect way to start the last day, followed by Sara Watkins, Sam Bush Band, Larry Stephenson Band, Bela Fleck and the Bluegrass Allstars, and then….a second wild and powerful storm. Headed by strong gusts of wind that at first felt awesome, then got scary, and huge bolts of lightening that crashed right over our head, the fans made a great moment of a stranded situation. As we waited for word on when the rest of the music would happen, fans started self-entertaining in the Grandstands. Hundreds of us did group waves, sung the National Anthem, and eventually, started mud wrestling. From two, to four, to ten and more, eventually we were being fully amused by a large group of brave, wet souls running around the on the slippery horse track. 

The rain eventually let up for an excellent set by actor, comedian, and banjo player Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. He did a lot of talking in between songs, but it was informative, interesting, and, of course, funny. Never taking it too seriously or making too much of a joke, Martin traversed the bluegrass stage with relative ease and impressive skill. Nothing could have topped the guests he had with him- bluegrass fame simply pouring off stage- with everyone from Del, Bela, Jason Carter, all the McCoury’s, Darol Anger, Drew Emmit, Bill Nershi, and more. It was an unreal spectacle.

The rains came again and the festival moved the last set of the weekend into Preservation Hall, where the late nights and workshops took place. This Del set with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was the cherry on top to a perfect weekend, the tiny stage packed with explosive energy. The late night set with Leftover Salmon and the Travelin’ McCourys Extravaganza was a set for the ages, but it’s hard to brag when not everyone was invited. On the whole, there was very little to complain about with DelFest. It was well run, at a amazing venue, a perfect size, and perfectly amazing bluegrass line-up to get into that hot heat of summer music that’s ahead. I couldn’t have asked for anything better…. Del Yeah!

Sorry for the Silence!


Hey All Good Nation, sorry for the radio silence on my end- things are getting crazier and crazier as we get closer to the festival!!! I think were in the 50 day range now, aren’t we?!? Gah, it’s all so exciting. I went to DelFest this past Memorial Day weekend to start the festie season off right and boy was I treated to something special! It was a spectacular event, with everything from the staff and vendors to the setting and line-up working in perfect harmony. We hope All Good turns out as well, but of course we’re dealing with like 15,000 more people, but we can always learn!! 

In All Good news, we released the Saturday and Sunday line-ups since my last post. You can find them here:http://click.oo155.com/ViewLandingPage.aspx?pubids=8120%7c-6%7c5%7c02&digest=XWnqG7bNpAFV14J6Ye%2fkvA&sysid=1

and here: http://click.oo155.com/ViewLandingPage.aspx?pubids=8120%7c-6%7c5%7c03&digest=3B7DMmHJuABy7FD41GYUcg&sysid=1

respectively. Both those days, in my opinion, are STACKED. We booked it way up so we hope you’ll stick around Sunday for a last-day-of-the-weekend throw down. I’ve been working on VIP Goodie Bags (so jealous of you VIPers right now UGH) and the biggest thing is these mailers we made to send to you guys. It took us a long time to get exactly what we wanted, but I think you’re gonna be really happy with the finished product. You get A LOT more collectable All Good art than you ever did before, so we hope you dig it. Spent time writing up the rules and regulations, some friendly reminders, a list of things to bring (think I forgot something off my list? add it in the comments!) and the packet welcome letter which will explain EVERYTHING you need to know. When you get your welcome packet, please read all information carefully as I took special care in including all the stuff you have asked me to this point and tried to cover my bases for the future! Plus, it’s kinda funny.

I also wrote a lot of the program, Im not sure if I already bragged about this but I wrote up all the band bios and that welcome letter as well- a very proud little marketing gal over here, if I may say so myself =P

Working on getting the best possible route for every type of ticket out there, we really want to avoid lots of traffic and I know you do too, so we’re trying hard to plan effectively for the masses! And I think we got a good system down, so fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly. Also, some of you may have noticed the Legend Valley is encouraging action in rebuttal to unlawful searches by police. While we are totally on your side and if you have been  unlawfully searched, do check out the Legend Valley facebook page on how to report this, however, we BEG you not to drive with anything illegal in your car. If you do, we can’t help you and we want you to get in easy peasy!!! Also, please remember that we hire outside security as well and they aren’t under any sort of Ohio legislation, so just be respectful of the law and it will be respectful of you. 

We’re getting merch made up for you guys, coming up with some super cool designs for shirts and the poster looks SO COOL I’m psyched about it- a couple other things going on, but really we’re down to the nitty gritty (who’s goin on phish tour in less than a week?!?!) and it’s detail time. I’ll keep you all as informed as I can about the goings on here and feel free to post questions in the comment section! More than likely you will get a response from me here as opposed to the Facebook world- but I’m always on Twitter!!! @allgoodfestival! Talk to you all soon!!

Big week in our little office!


All Good Natioonnnnn!! What’s up, so this is the 4th installment of weekly updates from the All Good camp, just tryin’ to keep all you fancy fans informed. Tryin our best! Keep communicating with us, even if we can’t get back to you right away, we’ve got our ears open for ya.

Two big announcements went out this week- hope you dug ’em! Tuesday we released the jam packed, biggest ever Thursday line-up. I heard some confusion over listing the bands followed by the full line-up, but just to clarify, everyone is only performing once =/ Sorry if I’m bursting anyone’s bubble, but I did want to let you know that that was poorly phrased by me so just to be clear. But… Phil and Friends, Bob Weir, Shpongle, and more kicking off All Good?! I don’t see how you could go wrong. Biggest. Party. Ever. Who’s with me?!

Apparently, a lot of people were, because within hours of that announcement, our Advance Tier 1 tickets starting flying off the shelves, so we had to announce a cut off date- Monday, 5/15, at 5 pm EST, so if you’re reading this and planning on buying your ticket, why not save $10 and do it now? Jussstttt a suggestion!! =D

We got into other stuff at the office this week; Junipa and I sat down to get after all her department heads and start making a timeline for getting ready at the new site (!!)- we’re making so many awesome moves at this place, you guys are gonna love it- set up some stuff with Clean Vibes, got our commercials on air in Ohio (let us know what you think if you see them!), ordered more handbills and posters for our AMAZING street teamers across this vast land, and we had a big marketing meeting with everybody (for once, all 4 of us were in the same place at the same time! killin’ it!), so be on the lookout for big moves comin’ soon.

I also spent a lot of time trying to come up with a really simple, fun, and yet not overly easy contest to run on Facebook, but I want people to participate. The prizes are gonna be really cool- All Good merch, maybe some discount codes or even tickets, not sure yet- but how do you guys feel about photo contests? or tagging contests? Ever participate in a really fun, simple contest with some of your favorite bands? Get at me if you have any suggestions on games you’d actually play to win!

Speaking of Facebook, I love all you guys voicing your opinions on our page and getting riled up with other fans, making friends, making plans, I think it’s just awesome! I wish some of ya’ll wouldn’t be so testy once in a while (clearing throat, looking over glasses with eyebrows raised), but I understand and respect your passion. So there was some hate being thrown at my “Follow us on Twitter!” post, and I want to apologize to all the FB die-hards our there who are anti-Twitter on principle. I, too, was one of you. But now, I love Twitter, and I handle the day-to-day postings for All Good Festival and I just wanted to spread some love to the FB world! I mentioned in my FB post that I do live chatting via Tweets and some people got upset that the case wasn’t the same for FB, and I think I should explain why. We have 173,000+ people who follow what we post on Facebook, whereas on Twitter, it’s at 7,000+. I can be more casual, more fun and interactive on a platform that’s not so under-the-magnifying glass, and it’s much easier to deal with 1 tweet once an hour or so than it is to deal with 30 comments in 5 minutes. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes you FB fiends, I really do, but if you wanna chat, get at me on Twitter, that’s kinda what the platform was made for anyway. I think it’s pretty cool we’re doing that much- who else do you see chatting personally with their followers? And also, you know that we would NEVER announce something exclusively or first on Twitter, FB always takes presendence. This is just a little somethin’ extra I wanted do for you guys, take it or leave it… but if you take it, twitter.com/#!/AllGoodFestival  :-P

So that’s what’s good this week over here at the All Good offices. We have a couple cool shows on Saturday in Baltimore if you’re in the area. The Machine covers Pink Floyd at the Baltimore Soundstage and ALO featuring Chris Kasper at the 8×10- let me know how it is if you go!! I’m either going to this little tiny electric festival called Electric Relaxation to support a friends band, or to the Spring Pickin’ Bluegrass festival to see the Rumpke Mountain Boys for the first time and my favorites Hot Day at the Zoo! So, should be a good weekend! Hope you all have a sunshiney-daydreamy-walkininthetalltressys weekend!

It’s All Happening at All Good!


Hey friends, thanks for taking the time to read my blog posts and keep updated about whats going on at All Good Festival! I’m so flattered by the responses I’ve gotten to these posts and will continue to keep you informed as best I can!

Let me be really clear about something- I’m a huge All Good fan. I’ve been to the last 3 All Good festivals and was hugely jealous in the years before then that I couldn’t go because of summer jobs. (Back then, I didn’t fully understand what it meant to abandon everything and go on summer tour, but I learned pretty quick!) So I’m a fan first and foremost. But I also work for Walther Productions, the promotion company that founded and hosts All Good every year. (We also book and promote club shows in DC and Baltimore and manage Dark Star Orchestra year round.) I was hired on a few months back as the office intern and now I’m the Marketing Assistant. So really, I am representing All Good on their behalf, but I’m also representing you. I speak for the fans! Okay okay a little too Lorax of me, but honestly, everything I do comes with your perspective, your opinion, and your best interest at heart, because even now, I’m still just like you.

Of course, everything has changed. I work for my most favorite event of the year and it will never be the same for me ever again. I’ve crossed over to the other side, you might say. I’ll never get to wait on that long line and let all that anticipation build, I’ll never get to frantically find my friends and get over to their spot, I’ll never get to set up and break down camp. I know, you’re probably saying “how can you miss that?!” but I really will, I’ll miss it a lot. You never know how much you love something until it’s gone.

So I work for Walther and I love what I do, but realize of course that I can’t tell you everyythinnggg I know, what fun would that be?!? Here’s what’s been up this week- we’ve been super busy I feel like dealing with tickets, getting beer vendors so y’all can get your drink on, getting more fliers made and to our AMAZINNGGG street teamers all over the country, booking crowd performers, making plans for family camping, sober camping, ADA camping, all that good stuff! Biggest thing we’re working on is making Legend Valley more perfect than it already is- planting soft grass, uncovered old access roads, clearing out the woods for shaded camping, so much fun stuff! Be on the look out for more details on what we’re doing in our upcoming email blasts, which will also include daily line ups and maybe a ticket give away or two… hmm……

There are a couple things I wanted to address brought to my attention by the true Lorax of the All Good fanbase, Tolly, so thanks for bringing them up, Tolly! Remember what I said about the Grassroots stage are just ideas that we’re coming up with… one for sure thing that I know I can tell you is this.. and it’s cool… we’re doing super extended lighting workshops with none other than Chris Koruda, the lighting director for Phish (!!!!!!!! bet youre not as excited as me!!!). As some of you may know, Koruda has done lights for All Good for the past few years, and he did a workshop last year that went somewhat unnoticed but was still popular. Well, I know how much you guys would like something like that, so there it is! Plan to hit up the Grassroots camping stage for that extra long workshop, among many other stripped down sets, sunrise songs, and more to come in the campgrounds!

As far as main stage collaborations go, I appreciate and envy all of your suggestions, but we have little to no control over who wants to collab with who. Keep posting them on our wall and your fave bands walls, because we read and they read and who knows?! But I can tell you this much, and it’s no secret… the chance of Mickey getting on stage with Phil and/or Bobby is… sad to say… minimal. It’s a personal thing between them as many of us may know and it just won’t happen, as it hasn’t in years past, but maybe being back at Legend Valley will stir up something beautiful for them. Just have to wait and see…

Also, myself and Tim and all of us at All Good want to apologize for the lack of communication you guys are apparently feeling from us. With the move and several big changes happening in our little office,  this year is running a little differently than previous years, and getting information to you has been thrown off a bit. Plus, there’s just so much more to know with the new location! So this is our attempt to bridge that divide, and I hope you’ll take advantage. We are paying attention to Facebook too! So in that regard, let me address the concerns I’ve seen there.
1) This year, we don’t have day or weekend passes available, only the 4 day because we booked you 4 days worth of fantastic music =D
2) If you get an e-ticket before you receive something at home- don’t freak out! A lot of festivals are moving to a wristband only “ticket” because it’s safer, more difficult to counterfeit, and drastically reduces time spent waiting on line to get in, but they’ve found clever and cool ways to make up for not sending out a ticket, and we plan on following suit… trust me, you’re gonna love it.
3) Lastly, yes, the boys in Umphrey’s McGee are taking some time off in the summer and they had to pass on All Good this year. This wasn’t any one persons decision or fault, and you will notice they’ve had to forgo many of their typical festivals this year. I mean, let’s give the guys a break, they’ve been touring non-stop for almost a full year and they all need some time at home with their families (yes, even your favorite rock stars have wives and children who miss them probably more than you will). And.. um… weren’t yall complaining last year about how “the line-up is the same every year?” Wellll hello, UM has been a staple, I don’t think anything could have made this years line-up MORE different than to not have UM and Keller, who- BTW you can see at the Dark Star Orchestra Jubilee a little more than 1 month after All Good for less than $100 =D But really, and I can’t express this enough, we promised you a killer festival, we’re gonna give you a killer festival.

Post your thoughts in the comments below, friends!! #lovepeacemusicjoyallthatfunstuff (ps follow us on twitter!)